Ganga Aarti

Ganga aarti - the worship of Mother Ganga. In one of the holiest cities of Hinduism and one of the oldest still inhabited cities of the world, in The City of Life: Kashi, -or with its other name Benares (Varanasi)- every evening after sunset young Brahmins (Hindu priest) gather on the river bank to perform their ancient rituals. Rituals that link us back to the spirit of Nature, that personify the eternal flow of the river, and transform it into the hope for the past, the present, and the future generations. The basic elements of fire, holy water, flowers, smoke , movements, chanting, all unveil our common root with the embracing universe, and lead us beyond reasoning. And, in spite all the commercialisation of modern age, in the grace of the Brahmins' movements there it lays indeed the hidden wisdom of the thousands of years. Feel it...

Sacred Shrine - Lonely Pilgrim

The Unconscious

Hope Dies Last

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Born To be Wild II.

A tribal boy from a slum, near Mumbai.


I was taking pictures in a slum, when her father brought her in front of my lens. Apparently she did not like it... Generally children in slums (or probably wherever) are bit suspicious and the same time curious at the first sight. Well, she is just the former...

Born to Be Wild

A child from the slums - with a very strong character. We met in front of a Shiva Temple, in the city, on the following day when I had taken photos in the slum he lives, and he insisted to be photographed. Luckily: one of my best shots...


Fishing crayfish during low tide in the Arabian Sea, near Alibag.

at Low-tide

These small children are playing on the seashore when the water retreats to low tide. Meanwhile, their parents collect the dinner of the family. The women are gathering sea shells from rocks, and the men are fishing crayfish, a bit further deep in the sea.


Adopted to environment; by heart...


Old Devotee


What terrifying and wonderful things those eyes will witness in the next few decades!? Before they go blank...

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