This is among my first photos, when I was first tasting the art of creation. It was made by a cheap Canon point-and-shoot camera, lighted by a simple tungsten table lamp. I was playing with the composition, lightning, and exposure settings literarily for hours, until finally was satisfied by the result. Also the bowl itself was made by me; This picture embraces the first burst out of the creative power sleeping within me into reality.

Mesék Téli Kertje

A cold, dark Finnish winter night. The wind is gently, but sharply blowing, and snow drizzling. The garden with the fence is about a hundred meters off the road. I am walking there, the deep snow creaks with every steps. And suddenly I find the right angle of view, which awakes deeply hidden romantic moods from my childhood. -The title is also from my childhood, in my mother tongue. It roughly means something like: the Tales' Winter Garden. But it is not the same... This photo carries something that only the mother tongue can grasp.